• The VIP Guest

    Whatever term you prefer to reference the various people groups we find in the local Church today, the VIP guest that must be given carte blanche is the Holy Spirit…

  • A Foundation of Faith: Moonshine & Ministry

    Why is it important for us to speak about our heritage? And why is important for us to maintain a sense of our past within our present and project it…

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  • Stop by Sanctuary! Sanctuary:  Designed with the wives of full-time ministers in mind.

  • On Your Guard!

    The fact that he simply entered our home was not the frightening factor. It was the fact that he chose to enter unexpectedly, during the night, and when I was…

  • Let’s celebrate Pentecost!

    As we anxiously anticipate this great celebration of the birth of the Church as we know it, let us begin now to prepare for the entire month of May as…

  • Sanctuary//Ministry to Ministry Wives

    What began as a powerful two-night retreat last February (2015) has now evolved in to a community of ministry wives, connecting via social media and other venues. This week we…

  • Play Calling from the Couch

    Have you ever been walking through a difficult time in your life and someone from the outside has something to say about it? Someone who is completely removed from the…

  • New Recording Project–Coming Soon!

    Through the years we have endeavored to bring you music that would make an obvious change in the atmosphere surrounding you. I truly believe that if we have ever succeeded…

  • Trading Rules for Love

    "Being a Christian is nothing but a bunch of rules. I don't want to live by their book of rules. It's nothing but 'dos and don'ts'!"

  • “It brought us to our knees…”

    The power of the enemy is attempting to dominate this Native American community already influenced by dark spirits and Native American worship and ancestral strongholds!

  • Headed Home

    Often we overlook this simplistic yet critical element involved in making Heaven our eternal home.

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