Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin

Meet Chresten and Bridgette

Reverend Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin have been involved in full-time preaching and music evangelism for the past 26 years. Their travels have taken them across the nation and around the world, ministering in concerts, special services, and revival meetings.

What We Do

The Tomlins minister through preaching and music evangelism, missions evangelism, worship training seminars, marriage conferences, and more.


Latest Release

Songs from the Storm

The isolation and challenges that the past few years have brought led Chresten often to the piano. In the midst of the darkness, a song would begin to flow. This collection of songs produced a wellspring of living water inside of him, bringing a fresh reality of the Holy Ghost. It is Chresten’s prayer that these songs would provide the same encouragement to the listener.

Latest from the Blog

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Anticipating More in ’24

But above all, I truly believe that 2024 will be a year of revival as it is the only solution for this broken world, reeling from the ramifications of sin. 


Awaiting the Best Hello

…on January 19, 2023, he left again, and I didn’t know until he was completely in another world. But this time, I knew immediately where he went.

LTS Season 4 Launch IG_png

Season Four of the Podcast

We are on the countdown now to Season FOUR of Sanctuary’s podcast, Let’s Talk with Sanctuary, with host Bridgette Tomlin!