What We Do

Chresten combines a passionate burden for the lost and a fervent hunger for holiness to produce powerful, Pentecostal preaching.

Preaching & Music Evangelism

Reverend Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin have been involved in full-time preaching and music evangelism for the past 26 years. Their travels have taken them across the nation and around the world, ministering in revival meetings and special services.

Many churches schedule Chresten for a series of services or a single service to bring the Word through song and preaching. Ideally, a series, or revival meeting, will open with a service devoted totally to prayer and worship in preparation for what God has in store for the remainder of the services.

Chresten thrives in creating an environment, if only from the piano, of waiting and marinating in God’s presence, allowing the Holy Spirit to cultivate the soil of hearts and challenge those present to dig deeper and lead others to do the same.

Missionary Evangelism

Chresten Tomlin Ministries walked through a door that was opened over 20 years ago to reach and minister to the Lakota-Sioux tribes of South Dakota—both on the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations. These desperately lost people are the product of generations of hopelessness, addiction, and “victim mentalities”.

God has given this ministry a slow, but sure, progress in turning hopelessness into hope in Christ and total regeneration. Communities are being changed because of the power of Jesus Christ! Chresten Tomlin continues to lead various teams of individuals to work alongside local ministry partners.

Ministry typically includes street ministry, door-to-door outreach, nightly crusade services, discipleship training, children’s ministries, and a wide variety of construction projects in Mission, South Dakota.


Worship Training Clinics

In addition to preaching and music evangelism, Chresten and Bridgette relish in leading God’s people in worship.

With nearly three decades of experience in leading worship teams and bands, this couple has formulated a series of sessions to teach and train worship teams at the local church level how to work together, grow in their individual and ensemble skill levels, hear from the Holy Spirit, and cultivate an environment where the Holy Spirit is welcomed. These sessions include elements of teaching and practical rehearsals with the team, raising the bar vocally, instrumentally, and spiritually.

Time required is typically one evening and an all-day series of seminar-style sessions, including both group and breakout sessions. This seminar can work in tandem with a revival series, a weekend ministry booking, or as a standalone event.

Marriage Conferences

Chresten and Bridgette have discovered through their years of ministry and marriage that the marriages of families within the local church body are the foundation of the Church herself. When marriages are healthy, the Church is strong. When marriages are failing, the Church is weakened.

Through each marriage conference, Chresten and Bridgette team-teach to bust a variety of marital myths that wreak havoc on today’s marriages. Conference content is customized to accommodate the needs of the the host church as it is prayed over and directed by the Holy Spirit.

Typically the host church provides light refreshments for the Friday evening introductory session, as well as a continental breakfast before and light lunch between Saturday’s various sessions. Childcare is beneficial but not required.

Discover rest, refreshing, support, and encouragement for ministry wives at Sanctuary. 


A Ministry for Ministry Wives

In 2015 God gave Chresten and Bridgette the opportunity to launch a ministry that would provide support, encouragement, rest, and refreshing to women who are married and in full-time ministry.

Sanctuary, a Ministry for Ministry Wives, hosts an annual two-day, two-night retreat for ministry wives and has also developed additional resources such as a consistent blog, Let’s Connect events that are hosted across the nation four times each year, vibrant and engaging social media groups, and most recently, a podcast called Let’s Talk with Sanctuary.

This ministry is funded by Chresten Tomlin Ministries and our faithful ministry partners.