• Empty Promises

    What do you do when you know that God told you to do something or that He was going to do something...but it takes days, weeks, months, years, or, gulp,…

  • The Need for Authenticity

    It is a proven fact that this generation are unimpressed by facilities or a contrived show. They want something that is real.

  • For the Love…of Comfort

    I don’t know about you but I have found that I enjoy being comfortable.

  • The Soundtrack of Life

    Have you ever noticed that, while also some of your favorite songs stay with you, songs that irritate you like crazy also get caught in your brain and you can't…

  • Be our guest! But wait…

    Are we, as the Church, guilty of doing the same thing with our "guests"? We polish the church facilities, groom the grounds, make all the grand preparations, and hang out…

  • The Wondrous Cross

    The Cross of Christ carries such a powerful force as it is genuinely both gruesome and beautiful.

  • You’re Invited to the Table!

    But I have noticed one specific thing over these 19 years of marriage about when Bridgette cooks: when she calls you to dinner, she wants you there ASAP, if not…

  • Some Assembly Required: Working in Reverse

    Often times we stumble across a project that is more tedious than others, one that we wish we could snap a set of magic fingers and the toil of its…

  • Patience Pole Promises

    Have you ever found yourself standing at a patience pole in life? You feel like you're chained to a set of circumstances that leave you very little, if any, wiggle…

  • Don’t Stop Believin’!

    Things deemed impossible are truly possible through the power of Jesus Christ. So why are we often found living in a frustrating, unfulfilled daily life? Is it a lack of…

  • Fake It ‘Til You Make It

    Welcome, 2017. I am hearing this sigh of relief from most people I encounter these first few weeks in the new year.

  • Acts 6:4 Conference

    Join Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin this week, whether in person or via live stream, at the fourth annual Acts 6:4 Conference, held this year in Texarkana, Texas.

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