• Soul Surgery

    Do you ever feel like you are "under", spiritually speaking?

  • Busting the Marital Myths

    It is a common mistake for husbands and wives to jump to conclusions about the status of their marriages because of the temptation to buy into marital myths.

  • With Gratitude.

    The task, tedious. The joy of acknowledging God's faithful people who make what we do possible? Abundant. The truth of the matter is, those who send share the harvest, joy,…

  • Reaching the Rez | Update

    As our partners who continually pray and sow into this ministry, you are aware of our ongoing ministry on the Lakota-Sioux Reservations in South Dakota.

  • Keep in Step

    I told the Lord, "You're going to have to show me how to get this girl ready. We have done all we know to do and it seems there's no…

  • Reaching the Rez 2019

    God has already accomplished so many great things on this vast land but has so much more in store! May His Spirit be poured out, REACHING THE REZ.

  • Assume the Best order to not assume the worst, we will have to intentionally assume the best.

  • Sanctuary Let’s Retreat | Registration Open

    After a brief hiatus from the Retreat to allow time to develop the additional elements of the ministry, Sanctuary is now re-introducing the concept that started it all:  Let's Retreat.

  • Thank You.

      This past week we sent out letters of acknowledgement and giving statements to the many faithful partners who sow into what God has called us to do through evangelism…

  • Reaching the Rez | Rosebud Reservation

    People who are lost and have been lost for long periods of time are so steeped in perpetual darkness that their eyes cannot see, their ears cannot hear, and their…

  • A Soaking Summer Rain

    It rained tonight in Tulsa. My daughters said, "Mom, we've never seen you so excited about...rain."

  • What’s Your Secret?

    What's your secret? What has "stronghold" written all over it in your private thought life, relationships, marriage, or ministry? When is the last time you gave the Holy Spirit permission…

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