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Standing Behind the Front Lines.

Statistics are dire when it comes to the longevity for today’s ministers. But now is no time to jump ship or abandon the plan of God! As believers in the local church, we must be diligent to tend to the shepherd as we expect him or her to tend to us. We must thwart the plan of the enemy to divide and conquer. We must determine we will not allow offense to rob us of our God-given assignment. We must finish strong.


Songs from the Storm

Songs from the Storm Compact Disc | $12 The isolation and challenges that the past months have brought led Chresten often to the piano. In the midst of the darkness, a song would begin to flow. This collection of songs produced a wellspring of living water inside of him, bringing a fresh reality of the…


The Family Table

As I was pouring out my gratefulness, the Spirit gently nudged my heart and reminded me:  “I love the Family Table, too.”


Thank You.

We stand in awe of how God provided for us these past 12 months.


Dear 2020…

Yes, 20/20 was eye-opening, alright, but not at all in the way we envisioned on January 1.

Let's Talk | Episode 8

Let’s Talk about Marriage.

Chresten brings out the mistake that he and Bridgette made early in their marriage of throwing out the word ‘divorce’.

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Let’s Talk | Podcast

Let’s Talk with Sanctuary is designed with women in ministry in mind.

Empty toilet paper roll in public restroom

Divine Distribution

I remember thinking at the time, “What are we missing? Why the rush on Sam’s to line our storage with toilet paper? If the world comes to an end tomorrow, will we truly be grateful that we at least had toilet paper?”


Quarantine Fever

So far, we’ve been under quarantine for a day and a half, and it stinks. We can’t go anywhere, except for in the backyard. There is absolutely nothing to do besides watch TV, lie on my bed, staring at the ceiling while mourning over Disneyland, text my friends about my mourning over Disneyland, listen to Alison’s complaints about the slow WiFi, eat endless snacks, and sleep. 


Empty Pews

In the very near future, empty pews will be filled with longing, seeking hearts.


Do What You Can Do

On occasion throughout my childhood, my parents, brother, and I would take a summer vacation that had us on the road over a Sunday or two. Not known for missing many church services, my parents were diligent to bring along a cassette or two of preaching and worship music that our family would take in while traveling in the car.


LIVE with Chresten & Bridgette Tomlin

Check in with this ministry couple on Friday, April 17, 2020 (8PM CST) as they take to LIVE via Facebook and discuss marriage, quarantine, and excessive togetherness.