• Some Assembly Required: Working in Reverse

    Often times we stumble across a project that is more tedious than others, one that we wish we could snap a set of magic fingers and the toil of its…

  • Patience Pole Promises

    Have you ever found yourself standing at a patience pole in life? You feel like you're chained to a set of circumstances that leave you very little, if any, wiggle…

  • Don’t Stop Believin’!

    Things deemed impossible are truly possible through the power of Jesus Christ. So why are we often found living in a frustrating, unfulfilled daily life? Is it a lack of…

  • Fake It ‘Til You Make It

    Welcome, 2017. I am hearing this sigh of relief from most people I encounter these first few weeks in the new year.

  • Acts 6:4 Conference

    Join Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin this week, whether in person or via live stream, at the fourth annual Acts 6:4 Conference, held this year in Texarkana, Texas.

  • Home for Christmas

    This is our Hope. He is our Hope. Our lives are simply the beautiful wrapping for the Gift.

  • I Am A Sinner

    When I inquired of Brenda what I could specifically pray with her about, she bluntly stated, "I am a sinner."

  • Life in the Comfort Zone

    What is holding you back from your 'next'? What have you said 'no' to in the past because you didn't think you could conquer it with ease? And more importantly,…

  • Musings of a Secret Church Shopper

    Are we looking to make great church attenders? Are we genuinely after the bragging rights for most experiences per weekend with record-breaking giveaways? Or are we after eternal results?...what will…

  • Passing Up the 80-20 Rule

    Is Little League baseball bad? Should family TV time together be avoided? What's wrong with enjoying dinner with friends? No. No. And nothing. But when such things are easily committed…

  • The Dangers of Auto-Pilot

    Auto-pilot living is only easy when life is easy and drama-free. But it quickly becomes dangerous when we react from a place that has been less than vigilant. We 'over-correct'…

  • Lessons Learned at Chick-fil-A

    Have you worked on a team, whether at your job, in a community effort, as a family, or as part of a ministry outreach where there were lazy people, sitting…

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