CTM monday marriage motivators

New Social Media Series

Just ahead, launching Monday, June 5, 2023, you’ll find a social media series on the CTM Facebook page, featuring a fresh Monday Marriage Motivator from Chresten & Bridgette Tomlin. “The foundation of a healthy church is made up of healthy marriages,” says Chresten Tomlin. “We must faithfully tend to our marriages as they are representation of God’s master salvation plan to the world. Our families are living pictures of God’s family plan to those who don’t know Him.” While the social media posts will not be exhaustive or even an exchange for deeper work on the marriage, it is the desire of Chresten Tomlin Ministries to challenge each husband and wife to be more proactive in tending to the health of his or her marriage. The posts are scheduled to publish every Monday morning throughout Summer 2023.

Teaching on marriage is one of the Tomlins’ favorite things to do. “No marriage is perfect. And changing seasons can shift the health of our relationships if we aren’t intentionally tending to them,” reminds Bridgette Tomlin. “There are basic, fundamental tools we can implement into our daily lives that help us not fall prey to the lies the enemy seeks to sow into our lives. We can’t buy into the myths others believe about marriage. God has a better way.” Learn more about the Tomlins’ marriage seminars by clicking here.

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