• Reaching the Rez Update

    While there have definitely been hurdles in the quest to get to the "right" person who can give clear, truthful answers, the Lord has led me through to the proper…

  • The World’s Four-Letter Word

    The world has a four-letter word that we've been programmed to delete from our vocabulary...

  • Reaching the Rez…your prayers needed

    This desperately lost people are the product of generations of hopelessness, addiction, and “victim mentalities.”

  • Pursuit of the Supernatural

    God always pours out His Spirit upon unified bodies of believers who call on His name, evangelize the lost, and seek His face.

  • A New Normal

    My heart twinged a bit as I realized they weren't asking God to manifest in the fullness of His power. They were accepting what our culture had told them was…

  • A Love…Better Than Life

    For many, Valentine's Day is a 'Day of Love'. For others, it's a 'Day of Dread'.

  • Grasshoppers vs Giants

    What giant are you facing today? If you perceive yourself to be less than victorious in confronting that situation, you will surely fail and take another round through the desert.

  • Buffet Bodies and New Year’s Resolutions – Part 2

    Last week I wrote about the rigors of spiritual discipline and the determination it takes to go beyond monotonous, stale Christianity into the deeper things of God.

  • In spite of all this…

    When you look back over your life personally, even just over the past year, can you pinpoint a time when God failed you?

  • Buffet Bodies and New Year’s Resolutions

    If you are a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ, there are some spiritual disciplines that must be in place. And there are means by which you can spiritually “buffet…

  • So be good for goodness’ sake!

    Some days it seems easier than others to be good, doesn't it? This begins from the moment of our first breath. We don't always feel like being or doing good!

  • The Dominion of Light

    Perhaps you find yourself today in a less than idyllic holiday season, one that is wrought with pain, struggle, and what feels or seems like outer darkness. The songs are…

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