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  • Home for Christmas

    This is our Hope. He is our Hope. Our lives are simply the beautiful wrapping for the Gift.

  • WE win!

    As the swimmers get set for each heat of competition, our 11-and 6-year-old daughters are on the edge of their…

  • All Your Needs Supplied

    Paul's next statement became a banner waving statement for multiplied generations to follow: "And my God shall supply all your…

  • Anxiety Busters, Part 2

    I often have conversations with people--both saint and sinner--who are driven by anxiety on a frequent, if not daily, basis.…

  • Anxiety Busters

    Anxiety. It's rampant in our culture today and the lack of peace has this world turning on its ear, many…

  • The Seed of Prayer

    Paul didn't ask for funds; he didn't beg for relief. He plead for prayer.

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