Chresten has been in the recording studio!

Chresten has been in the recording studio!
April 9, 2012 Chresten

Chresten’s new project “Jesus is the Best Thing”

A new recording project will be released in the next 30-60 days as Chresten was in the studio in March 2012!  This solo album boasts a wide variety of musical genres in its repertoire.  From soul-stirring “Jesus Messiah” to “Jesus is the Best Thing”, black Gospel’s “Stand Up on Your Feet” to the jazzy “I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go”, you’re sure to find a few to call your favorites.  A release date will be posted soon.


  1. Lil kenny 10 years ago

    Who produced the project? Was He good………..”looking” that is?

    • Chresten 10 years ago

      He was good in the studio, but as far as looks…no comment.

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