• A Message from Bridgette Tomlin

    Stepping past the norm for Let's Talk with Sanctuary, host Bridgette Tomlin takes this episode to deliver a timely message that she strongly felt prompted to share.

  • Podcast Featured Guest

    Recently Chresten was a featured guest on Episode 18 of the show's second season.

  • One Final Thing.

    This final thing deserved its own moment in the spotlight as it is, admittedly, the mountain most of mankind stumbles over. "Fix your thoughts..."

  • If-Then

    If, as believers, we are not encountering the mind-blowing peace that the world is desperately craving, we must require ourselves to do a personal survey to reveal the faults of…

  • Tell God What You Need

    What is it that you need? Have you expressly given that request to the Lord recently? Or are you wringing your hands, exhausting your own resources in an effort to…

  • An Overdue Reminder

    Anything. Everything. Those are rather exclusive and demanding extremes. No asterisks that make room for addendums or exclusions.

  • Read. And re-read.

    Recently I was reading through Philippians and intentionally read and re-read through chapter 4. It's a familiar passage of Scripture and can typically be one that I could glaze over.

  • March 2022 Update

    "...the Kingdom of Heaven has been forcefully advancing, and violent people are attacking it." (Matt 11:12 NLT)

  • Come. To. Me.

    Be reminded today of the simple, well-known, but often neglected offer from Jesus Christ Himself...

  • Good News for ALL People

    ...the grandest of all birth announcements was not reserved for the most elite or prominent people of that day's society. In fact, it was given to some of the most…

  • You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

    Perhaps you’re walking through a difficult time and are tempted to withhold thanksgiving to God as you carry what feels like the weight of the world.

  • Standing Behind the Front Lines.

    Statistics are dire when it comes to the longevity for today's ministers. But now is no time to jump ship or abandon the plan of God! As believers in the…

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