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  • A Message from Bridgette Tomlin

    Stepping past the norm for Let's Talk with Sanctuary, host Bridgette Tomlin takes this episode to deliver a timely message…

  • Podcast Featured Guest

    Recently Chresten was a featured guest on Episode 18 of the show's second season.

  • Read. And re-read.

    Recently I was reading through Philippians and intentionally read and re-read through chapter 4. It's a familiar passage of Scripture…

  • Standing Behind the Front Lines.

    Statistics are dire when it comes to the longevity for today's ministers. But now is no time to jump ship…

  • The Family Table

    As I was pouring out my gratefulness, the Spirit gently nudged my heart and reminded me:  "I love the Family…

  • Thank You.

    We stand in awe of how God provided for us these past 12 months.

  • Dear 2020…

    Yes, 20/20 was eye-opening, alright, but not at all in the way we envisioned on January 1.

  • Let’s Talk about Marriage.

    Chresten brings out the mistake that he and Bridgette made early in their marriage of throwing out the word ‘divorce’.

  • Do What You Can Do

    On occasion throughout my childhood, my parents, brother, and I would take a summer vacation that had us on the…

  • Soul Surgery

    Do you ever feel like you are "under", spiritually speaking?

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