The most amazing experience of my life…

Thank you for your continual prayers on my behalf throughout my recent trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  God truly orchestrated a dynamic time of ministry there as thousands of believers had the privilege of emerging from their underground churches and gathering together to announce to their city, “Jesus is Lord!”  Countless souls were saved, bodies were healed, believers were filled with the Holy Spirit, and Christians were changed.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prayers of the saints here and abroad were what moved the hand of God and provided safety to us, as well, throughout the past week.  I have now returned home and look forward to providing further details of this most amazing experience of my life to you in the weeks and months ahead.  God is not finished in Saudi Arabia.  He has only just begun.  Please continue praying for the believers there in Riyadh, that God will raise them up for such a time as this to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout that dark land.

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