About Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin

Reverend Chresten and Bridgette Tomlin have been involved in full-time preaching and music evangelism for the past 23 years. Their travels have taken them across the nation and around the world, ministering in concerts, special services, and revival meetings. Having been raised in the fire of Pentecost, the Tomlins know the value of living a Spirit-led life. God has placed a call upon them to bridge the generational gap, which will propel the Church into the future. They desire to raise up a new generation of Pentecostals, filled with the Spirit and driven by conviction.

Chresten is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. He combines a passionate burden for the lost and a fervent hunger for holiness to produce powerful, Pentecostal preaching. His message drives home basic principles for living the overcoming, joy-filled Christian life. The Tomlins make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and have two daughters:  Bonnie, age 16, and Libbie, age 11.

As a gifted singer, musician, and speaker, Bridgette is used by the Lord through special music, as well as leading worshipers into His very presence. She plays a major role in the couple’s ministry–both administratively and ministerially–and has a heart to see the people of God grow and mature spiritually.  Bridgette also ministers through speaking engagements, blogs frequently from this site, and is the founder of a ministry for ministry wives, Sanctuary. Sanctuary recently launched a podcast for women in ministry and Bridgette serves as the primary host. Learn more here.

The Tomlin Family

Bridgette, Libbie, Chresten, Bonnie

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